Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keryn has been badgering me to do another blog post- "I'm sick of that damned piece of toast!" were her exact words. Yes, the weeks have flown away and we're still busy, but the main problem was I don't have a good camera these days, and a post without photos isn't much chop in my opinion. I bought a new camera last week, but it's only a cheapie, and it remains to be seen if that will solve the problem.

I wasn't surprised that the jaffle irons are available under different names, they're too good an idea not to be widespread. I don't think Australians have ever put sweet fillings in them as Laura said, but we may try that at our next breakfast. My favourite was always spaghetti and cheese, tasty but rather messy to eat. And I'm sorry, but the square ones don't taste the same, I think because the crust gets cut off with the round ones, much nicer.

On the quilting front I've been plodding away at pieced borders for two quilts, and I think I've put myself off them for life. Hopefully they will both be finished this weekend and I can go on to other interesting projects. I've never felt so mired down and bored with everything, but I'm making myself go on. I may be so relieved when I get these done that I start a couple of new things, that always revives my enthusiasm.

I have two customer tops to do, beautiful applique patterns, both queensize and with lots of wideopen white space for feathers. I've been puzzling about what sort to put there, and decided to see if I could something along the lines of Jamie Wallen, really closepacked feathers with no background showing.

So I did a bit of a practice to see what felt comfortable and it was so much fun.
Sometimes one direction that you stitch will have better results than others, so I need to experiment and work out a pattern of movements.
I'm going to fill up this piece of homespun until I know what I'm doing, ditchstitch the applique and then go to town. I'll let you know how it turns out!
And yes Meggie, Macca is a gorgeous boof, but he's a boof with a flowerpot on his head at the moment.
He keeps scratching his ears until they bleed so he's been wearing this natty headgear until we could get to the vet. It's not kind to laugh at him, but he's hysterical to watch. He still plays all his fastpaced games, but he can't see where he's going half the time, and blunders around trying to find his toys. He's discovered that he can use the edge of the pot to flip the ball into his mouth, and that he can even catch it behind his head and let it roll round into his waiting jaws. This dog is unfailingly good natured, adaptable and ready to get on with life and fun no matter what. He has a lovely personality.


Amy June 26, 2010  

Beautiful feathers!

Karen June 26, 2010  

I wish I could do feathers like that!

sewprimitive karen June 27, 2010  

Ye Gods, your quilting is so gorgeous. Poor itchy ears but a clever dog.

Jenni June 27, 2010  

That quilting is amazing! As for poor Macca, I think it's very cruel to show photos of the flowerpot on the www. He'll be a laughing stock all around the world! (We call it "the lampshade" here.)

Brenda June 27, 2010  

The feathers are amazing. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Poor macca i'm glad he's finding ways to cope.

Leeanne July 14, 2010  

I'm glad I found your blog, it is always nice to other professional quilters blogging...there is never enough time in the day. really lovely quilting.Those little Jaffle irons are cool.

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