Tuesday, May 04, 2010

There are only two completed tops so far, but it feels good to have these done. I started the Irish Chain some time after we got Millhouse, and I wanted to have a practice top to do continuous curves and some feathers. It isn't particularly attractive, because it's made out of bleh fabric I wanted to get rid of (how often have I done that?!) and I didn't want to have something so nice I'd be afraid of ruining it with my learning stitches.Somehow I didn't have time to 'practice' these things, I just had to do it, sink or swim, and the top never got finished.

The other top is a really old UFO that I started when we lived on the farm, and each block used up the last of some really precious bits. I hand pieced them all, and enjoyed every single minute, but then I didn't know how to set them. I'd just drafted the block on graph paper, so I had no antique quilt to copy, or give me ideas. I sashed it a fair while ago, and then let it mature some more, and now it's finally finished.
In my rummages I found these blocks, which were going to be my Millenium quilt. I started doing this by hand, and it took ages to decide on fabrics for each block, because the pattern relies on tone for effect, and I was limited by not being able to repeat any fabric. Eventually the restrictions were too much, the deadline was past, and I didn't really care anymore. Perhaps I'll machine piece the two extra blocks and make a wallhanging out of it and call it Mereth's Millenium Folly.


Mary May 04, 2010  

I have a beautiful red and white Irish chain that my Mom pieced for me several years ago and I've been waiting to quilt it because I don't want to mess it up. I was just thinking about my UFOs today and that this is the year I should finally quilt it.

Your millineum quilt sounds like my cathedral windows - it ended up as a wallhanging too.

Meggie May 04, 2010  

I know this sounds really bad... but I love that someone else has dilemmas, & projects that stall, or simply falter..
So lovely, so human. So warm!!

Kerri May 06, 2010  

What a great feeling to finish those tops. Pretty!

I have a single Irish chain waiting to go on my SS to try out a new set I got from the Quilter's Quilter. I love the look of Quilting filled in white/cream spaces!

Rose Marie June 24, 2010  

I just love your Irish Chain and I keep coming back to this post to drool over it. Do you mind if I copy your version????

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