Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mereth is due to return home on the 28th, but then she still has to get that @#$%^ computer online so it will be a while before you hear from her. It shouldn't be this hard, especially when it's a super-duper new computer system, supposed to solve any and every possible problem. I have to upgrade my laptop, and I'm not looking forward to dealing with Vista as the new operating system. It will drive me mad if I can't work hassle-free.

The Texas Star quilt is another scrappy one made entirely from vintage fabric. I don't have it here with me, so I can't give you any close-ups, but they are as fascinating as the DWR scraps. It is a nice pattern to piece, I have one on the go as my hand-sewing. I love the white background, but I have trouble using white in my own quilts. It seems too stark and I end up going with cream or off-white, yet I love the look of it in other people's quilts. Another foible I need to eradicate.

And because I'm still searching for more photos of Mereth's quilts to put up here I will leave you with another of her creations. She's an extremely gifted artist, and her drawings have put mine to shame since we were 7 years old. While she was sketching horses anatomically correct in every detail I was still drawing them with all four legs on one side of their body. I KNEW there was something wrong, but had no idea what. The fact that Mum lavishly praised my work just made me doubt her judgement!

It must be that artist's eye, because my DS even in preschool never drew anything out of perspective; he drew what he saw, and the car always had two visible wheels and two partially hidden by the body of the car. Mereth's eldest boy John was showing by age 5 that his talent was going to surpass his mother's. The boy is brilliant! (Proud Auntie here). I wish I could show you some of his drawings, but I don't have any. Maybe Mereth can post a few when she gets on line.

My skill lies in drafting and geometry, I'm more a technician than an artist. But that just makes my occasional artistic success even sweeter. I labour over my patterns, whereas Mereth's just flow off her pen and instantly appeal. I'm going through her amazing sketchbooks working up some new designs, which is why I'm dwelling on her talent. Still, I'm the one who puts them on the computer and makes them available to everyone, so I guess I can be content with my skill in that field.


Mary May 23, 2007  

I also envy people with artistic talent. One of the things I love about quilting is that I can create something artistic without being artistic!

atet May 23, 2007  

Since I can't draw more than stick figures to save my life -- I can say that those who can have my admiration. HOWEVER -- the world needs the technical folks too. All too often those who can create effortlessly can't translate it so that others can understand the process. Being able to do THAT -- that's a talent all of its own.

meggie May 24, 2007  

You are both talented & very gifted. How proud your parents must have been of you both.
Love that quilt. i have rather an aversion to using white too. Cant say why really. I dont mind black & white prints though.
That horse is superb.

YankeeQuilter May 24, 2007  

Every once and awhile I try to break out the sketchpad or the watercolors only to remind myself why they are on the top shelf! The horse sketch is wonderful!

Carol E. May 26, 2007  

I'm glad you ended on the positive note of the contribution of your own talents and skills. We need all kinds to help and balance each other! I would love to be able to draw like that, but I can't. Maybe in my next life.....

Shelina May 31, 2007  

Thank you for sharing the drawing and the quilt photo. I too don't like using white in quilts, even though I love the look. I am working hard to get over that.

The drawing is gorgeous. I can't draw either, and have many family members who can. Like Mary said, I can be artistic through quilts.

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