Thursday, July 13, 2006

This is a little wholecloth that I made from some of Keryn's patterns in her Treasured Forever pattern pack. I like doing these small quilts, the width of a piece of homespun, and able to be finished quickly. Sometimes I think it takes longer to mark the design than it does to actually sew it!

This has received a lot of admiration, but all I can see is a dirty big wiggle in one line of the basket. I wasn't that experienced when I did this, and I sailed on, content in the knowledge that I'd go back later and unpick it. Hmmm, four years later, and now I've convinced myself that I should leave it there to show that something can be not quite perfect and still nice to have around.

I have to be really careful not to be too critical of my own work. I don't judge others harshly, in fact when I teach, everyone says I'm very encouraging. I love to see that dawning realisation "Perhaps I can do this after all"

But if I'm faced with my own imperfections I have to struggle not to pick things to pieces. In fact just looking at these close-ups has me muttering "My Godfather, the rim of that basket is really blobby and the area around the flowers is too poofy and...."

And so what? Who really cares? It's a nice little quilt and is living happily as a topper on my spare bed and I say good morning to it when I see the sunlight catching it as I walk by.

And I guess my quest against perfectionism is helped by the fact that I'm really, REALLY lazy about unpicking and the discovery that if you wait four years you can probably live with those mistakes forever.


tami July 13, 2006  

I have to say I looked really, really hard and I don't see a big dirty wiggle. It is beautiful.
I agree we are always harder on ourselves and see things that others don't see. When I am teaching I always show my students their work from about 4 feet away and tell them that if they are happy with it from there it is fine.

quiltpixie July 13, 2006  

While "perfect" is an interesting goal, I've always believed hand work was made by us lowly humans who are not so perfect and should look like it was made by us humans.... :-)

Laura July 14, 2006  

Beautiful quilt!

ForestJane July 15, 2006  

Wasn't it the Navahos that always put at least one mistake in their weaving because nothing on earth is perfect? I think they may have called it the 'prayer line' or something...

I think ALL my quilts have that. :)

Hanne July 16, 2006  

Your little wholecloth is absolutely beautiful. The wiggle you talk about just add a touch to it. If it was not your own work you would not have noticed it at all :-)

Judy July 19, 2006  

I think it's wonderful!!

Lucy July 19, 2006  

Applause !! This is so beautiful Great job!!

Screen Door July 20, 2006  

This is a truly stunning quilt. One slight imperfection will first of all, be unknown to 99% of the people. And secondly, if will leave some proof that it was handmade versus some factory crank-out.
You should be very proud of your work. What an heirloom.


Random Quilter August 03, 2006  

The quilt is beautiful! I can relate to the perfectionism though. We are always hardest on ourselves.

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