Sunday, July 23, 2017

When the babies were tiny they both fitted together into a single pram and it was very cute wheeling them around like this. People would stop to peer in and exclaim "Oh! There's two of them!" They are too big to do this now, and we have an extra seat to put in the pram so it will hold both safely.

Because of medical issues my DIL can't manage both babies and Isobel on her own, so I've been living with them since the birth and I regularly take one of the babies with me when I go to the workshop.I was wishing that I had one of those dear old fashioned prams to put them to sleep in or wheel them round our little town, when I found this at a garage sale.

It was bought in 1959 and has had six babies in it over the years and was a bargain at $10. The springs are wonderful and perfect for rocking off to sleep, and it can be parked next to my chair or wheeled out of the way without waking a sleeping baby. Astonishingly they will both sleep for hours in this without needing to be held- perhaps the swaying of the springs is a similar feeling.

 It will only fit one blissfully sleeping baby, but if I ever come across another one at a garage sale I'll be buying that too.


Barb July 23, 2017  

Lovely babies! What a great find in the pram and also what a beautiful quilt.

Gypsy Quilter July 23, 2017  

What a great find to help rock those lil' darlings to sleep. Perhaps a fellow blogger in Australia can be on the look out for another pram for you too.

Karen July 24, 2017  

A lucky find for you. And so useful. I used one of those wind up swings for my kids when they were little. Helped them to sleep but I can see where your pram would be more useful.
Did either you or your sister have twins? I know it is said that having twins generally skips a generation.

Sue SA July 24, 2017  

Such beautiful condition (the pram) after six babies having used it! Good to hear the twins are growing in size.

الرحمه للتنظيف March 13, 2019  
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