Saturday, September 24, 2016

 I've been plugging away at the chevron border, I'm nearly out of cut pieces and I think I'll start doing some maths to work out how many I need. Sewing the units is the easy part, now I have to work out spacer borders and how to turn the corners and stuff like that.

I've also sewn twenty-six Jack in the Pulpit blocks, and I'm still enjoying them immensely. I haven't thought about how I'll set them (hmm, is there a pattern emerging here?) but it will probably be a straight setting with sashing. I'm not keen on this block on point, although there are plenty of previous quilters that liked the idea.

I think it looks a bit "boxy" set like this,

 whereas a straight set emphasises the diamond.

I like the blue grey setting fabric,

or a pinky brown, or even a soft yellow. So many decisions, it's easier to just keep sewing and think about it later.
I'd unfolded some yellow fabrics to audition with these small nine patches, which I recently found in a container. I made them to use up a rather dull blue grey that I'd been given in a scrap bag, thinking it would make a small top. I ended up getting about seventy blocks from the fabric altogether, so it's larger than I expected. This just has to have a border sewn on, photos when that occurs.


Judy in Missouri September 24, 2016  

Lovely blocks! I will be interested in how you decide to set them.

Sue SA September 25, 2016  

I like the way you have set your blocks. but no idea about colours, sure you will pick something nice. Border looks awesome. I am always happy to piece but never happy to do the math, one day I will tackle that but at present I chicken out!

Gretchen Weaver September 25, 2016  

I like the blue/gray sashing best and I agree, in this case, straight set looks nicer. Blessings, Gretchen

Karen September 25, 2016  

I like the setting where the blocks are in rows but the rows are offset. Interesting seeing the different settings.

Bag End Gardener September 25, 2016  

Gosh, you've been busy :) What happens visually if you set the Jack in the Pulpit blocks together without sashing?

Lori September 30, 2016  

Its so good to catch up on your doings again. Happy Retirement! (Well, kinda retired!)

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