Friday, August 12, 2016

I might have retired from the Postie job, but that seemed to be the signal for everything else to crank up a notch. We've been so busy running around  visiting family and finishing quilts and to top it off I developed the worst cold I've had in years and felt quite ill. I'm on the mend now, but I've still got four days of commitments before I can have a breather. I'd love to pretend it's Christmas and read some books, do a jigsaw and just potter around, but even now I can hear the quilts cracking their tiny whips, "Back to work!!"

I've been trying to tidy up the workshop and came across some of my quilts that need binding, so I got busy and finished three of them.

These were smaller quilts that I quilted some time ago- I think the blue and yellow one had been sitting there for five years!

I had the bindings prepared and stored with them, and somehow I just never made it a priority.

Now they are done, and can be used or sold or given away. I don't know why I put off binding, because I love that final step, and we've done so many over the years for customers (hundreds in fact) that it only takes me an hour or so for these small ones. I'm just a procrastinator I guess.

At least they don't have to live in the workroom anymore, so I've cleared a bit of room.


Gypsy Quilter August 13, 2016  

Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. As always, love the quilts.

Karen August 13, 2016  

I didn't realize you had retired. I see lots of quilt finishes in your future.

Panto Pam August 14, 2016  

Congrats on your retirement! Hope you feel better soon!! I love seeing all of your beautiful scrappy quilts and reading about how they come to be.

Sue SA August 14, 2016  

Three great finishes to celebrate and lots more to come when you feel a bit better.

Lynn Dykstra August 14, 2016  

Adorable quilts--glad you found time to finish them!

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