Tuesday, February 09, 2016

 Here's a customer quilt I did recently, a lovely William Morris pattern by Michelle Hill. The lady who stitched it is over eighty, and she does beautiful buttonhole applique by hand.

I have fun quilting these, but I don't think I'll ever sew one myself. I'm content to finish other peoples work;

I get the pleasure of playing with these designs, but don't have to put in all those painstaking hours of effort.


Gypsy Quilter February 10, 2016  

Wow, she must be an amazing person. And you did a fantastic job on the quilting. Thanks for sharing.

Sue SA February 10, 2016  

Love the quilting on the border and the fabrics she has chosen, the hand dyed birds look fantastic.

Leeanne February 10, 2016  

Really pretty Keryn! I finished a William Morris quilt by Michele recently too, for one of my customers called Dear William. I have used your "Square spirals' panto several times for suitable quilts.

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