Thursday, October 08, 2015

 Recently I was looking through some older magazines, and came across this photo of a blue and white quilt.

I've been meaning to clean up my blue scraps, especially the non reproduction ones, so this seemed like  a good candidate. Each block is made of four smaller blocks, so all the little bits could be used as well as the larger pieces.

The instructions in the article were for an 11" block, but I changed that to 12" because it was easier.  I don't have a lot of white shirtings, most of them turned out to be cream but I think I'll have enough to make thirty blocks. If I run out I might have to raid Keryn's stash, it's handy having a backup.....


julieQ October 08, 2015  

Gorgeous! There is just something lovely about the particular blue!!

Sue SA October 09, 2015  

Awesome pattern, so effective and always beautiful in blue and white.

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