Saturday, May 02, 2015

 I've made progress on this top, and the blocks are all set together now. I think I'll have to photograph it in daylight to get a true indication of the sashing colour, The camera insists that it's bright yellow, and it's not.

I tried all sorts of clever pieced border ideas, and the blocks rejected them all. I was in the mood to do a heavily pieced border using more four patches- lots of mindless sewing, and using up heaps more of those small scraps. But the top says no, so who am I to argue? I've settled the border question now, and I'm cutting and sewing the strips for it, but I'm still a tad disappointed.

I can hardly wait to finish this and add the fabric to my 'Used' total. I've only added 22.25  metres of fabric to the stash this year, and I've used 22. This top will put me in the black, and I can feel virtuous about how my stash is diminishing...HA!


Jan May 07, 2015  

Your version is wonderful, Asa.ways!

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