Monday, January 19, 2015

 Sewing time has been limited just lately but I managed to set these small blocks together. I think I sewed them about two years ago as leader-enders, and then they went into a box, which is a fairly common occurance around here.

It only took half a metre of the blue setting fabric, as the blocks themselves are 4" unfinished. This will end up as a cot quilt, and Keryn has called it "Sprinkles", as the little coloured pieces reminded her of cake decorations. I have the borders cut out, and hope to sew them on tonight.

I've been using these brown 2" squares as leader-enders, making the border blocks to finish this quilt. I'm so sick of them I think I'll have a huge push and finally get them out of the way. I have three sides sewn on, so only one more to do.
 No more brown for a few weeks please.....


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