Sunday, December 07, 2014

 The colour in these photos is really bad, the greens are much more vibrant in real life. I've already chosen a backing fabric and cut the binding, but I doubt it will be quilted for a while yet. I like having it all organised in case I have a spare moment to throw  one of our tops on the machine, but that didn't happen much this year. I'm hoping January will be a quiet month and we can get some quilts of our own done.

I weighed the top, and according to the scales I've used 7 1/2 metres of fabric making this. I've only used a total of 73 metres all year which is pretty pathetic, but if I finished all the projects I'm currently working on the total would be more respectable. I'm doing my best, but things are only going to get busier from now on, so I might have to settle for whatever I can fit in.


Chookyblue...... December 07, 2014  

thats a lovely's annoying when you try and take pics and sometimes you just can't get the true colours to show matter what you do.......

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