Sunday, November 23, 2014

 Well that didn't take long! Thirty blocks joined together, and I'm still not sick of this pattern. I had fun using lots of different greens, there are grey greens, blue greens, limey greens, dull greens. Overall they go together, but they're certainly a varied lot.

I couldn't find exactly the red I wanted in the stash, but Keryn suggested this cheerful fabric, with it's large yellow and pink design, and it really does liven things up. I was going to just have long sashing strips across the width of the top, but then I remembered how I hate lining up the blocks. I usually measure and draw marks on the strip which is time consuming and fiddly, but accurate. It seemed easier to put a square of low contrast fabric in between the sashes  so that the setting looked as if it were one fabric, but it was easy to match corners up. I like this and will do it again, it was a neat  solution to the problem.

There are still piles of green fabric littering the cutting table, so I think I'll have to try a piano key border in an attempt to use even more scraps in this top. They can be my leader-enders while I finish another project- I'm working on my list of tops to complete before 2015 and trying to be realistic about what I can actually achieve. But this one will be done for sure....


Jayne Hill November 23, 2014  

Love the corner blocks in your sashing, a superb way to deal with the problem. Definitely something I will remember, thank you :}

Sue SA November 24, 2014  

Thanks for the tip about the sashings, it always drives me nuts when they look wonky. Great colour too, always amazes me what colours match when you start auditioning fabrics.

Sandy November 25, 2014  

See, now I always thought putting those cornerstones in the sashing was a pain, but now I see the advantage of doing it. I would do it for the visual effect, but now I see its a brilliant tip for lining up your blocks. Love all those greens, btw.

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