Monday, October 27, 2014

 I finished setting together my 16 patch top, and I really like the shimmery effect of the darker and lighter blocks. They are so easy to make, and were a great leader-ender project. I want to start another one, simply because they were such fun to make, and also because I still have lots of 2" squares left over.

I wanted there to be low definition between each pair of fabrics, and sometimes the dark in one block was used for the light in another. I love playing with tone, it's all a question of contrast.

Even the borders are low contrast and muted, but I'd like to try a darker border next time, just to see the difference.

( I don't know why the border is curved in this photo, the breeze was blowing the top a bit I suppose. The top is flat, I assure you..)

I decided a while ago that I'd like to finish every project that I started in 2014, and I know I've completed some UFO's, so technically at the end of the year I'd have less things on my list.But wait, I haven't actually made a proper list yet ! I'd better do that first up, before I decide whether it's even possible......


Sandy October 28, 2014  

I agree, I love the low contrast. It's soft and soothing. Will you add a second border, or would that be too distracting? How will you quilt this? As always, I love your work.

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