Sunday, September 28, 2014

My goodness I've had some disrupted weeks just lately. Keryn and I had quilting deadlines that put everything else on hold, then my DIL Liz hurt her shoulder and couldn't pick up Isobel without causing more damage. So what's a Nanna to do but help out for a week or so?

I went in every day and did the heavy stuff and the rocking and cuddling and general smooching and I loved every minute of it. Isobel is the only grandchild I have close to me, and it's wonderful to see her on a regular basis and see her grow up. Travelling in every day was fun but it put me behind on a lot of jobs around here and I've been trying to catch up since.

I looked after Matt's little dog Jessie for a week and while she was no trouble herself, Pippi reacted badly to having to share everything. She was soo needy and anxious all the time it was exhausting.

 Even though Jessie has her own tiny bed she kept stealing Pippi's, just because she could. It was a battle of wills, and most of the time Jessie won- my dog is a bit of a wuss. Pips kept running to me and telling tales "Jessies on My bed!...she's on My cushion!... She's eating out of My bowl!..." Each tattle was accompanied by a clawing at my arms or legs and a frantic "Do Something" look on her face.

 If only she had stood up to Jessie, who is a fifth of her weight, and not just given in all the time. At the end of the week Pippi had developed her own revenge which consisted of rushing at Jess and barging her to one side then looking around as if to say "Oh sorry, I didn't see you there!" It was a long week....

I needed to have something mindless to sew while I was so busy, and squares are certainly that.

Scrap 16 patches...

 leader ender four patches....

red nine patches....
more 16 patches....

However I think I've od'd on them for now, I need some triangles for heavens sake!


Sue SA September 29, 2014  

Snowball blocks look awesome with nine patches...but then I am a wuss and avoid triangles! Glad you got some extra grandbaby time, very special.

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