Thursday, July 10, 2014

 I said that I'd started a second quilt using the Triangler ruler, but this one isn't in the book. When I was looking through the patterns, this little graphic jumped out at me, as well as the information that you could cut two of these shapes from a 3 1/2" by 4 1/2" rectangle.

I happen to cut some of  my scraps into this size, and I had quite a stack in the drawer and I decided to use them to try out an idea.

The  image of a triangle quilt in an old Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts magazine (July 1988) floated into my mind  and I started cutting and sewing. I didn't bother to track down the issue and refresh my memory, because I was changing things around anyway, but I've just looked it up and I'm surprised that this stuck in my memory for so long. It was a tiny little part of the background of the photo, but something in it spoke to me.

(The caption says it was made by Janet Grimal, so at least I can give her credit.)

I always thought that I wouldn't like matching  the points of the triangles but the points are blunted in my version, so I don't have to worry about that.

 You can see that the triangle quilt is made of much wider shapes too- the pattern  says a 60 degree diamond cut into quarters. The tip of the Triangler is a 45 degree angle. Two of my pieces joined together look a bit like a tumbler, so I'm calling it a Split Tumbler.

 These went together really quickly, but I made some rules concerning lights and darks and mediums, and I also had to work out when to reverse the shapes. This is one of those simple patterns that can be tricky if you don't take notice of which way the shape slopes- you can't just rotate it around because it has to be flipped, or reversed. I'll do another post telling you how I remembered what to do, if you're interested.

I plan to make this a lot bigger, and have a pile of pieces waiting to be sewn. I just love the overall pattern of this, even though it's only one shape it has an almost prismatic quality.


Fran July 10, 2014  

Just love one patch patterns!

Jan July 11, 2014  

Very cool design!

Bolts and Bobbins July 12, 2014  

Great way to get rid of some scraps - looks good.

antique quilter July 28, 2014  

very interesting I love it! love how it looks , just love it.
yes please tell us the things to remember to do!
I may need to make one too :)
funny that name is of a woman that owns a quilt shop here and I know her shop was featured in LCPQ years ago!

Valerie August 24, 2014  

Love this quilt, think I'm going to have to put it on my never ending list. I would be interested in hearing about the things you remembered to do, also.

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