Sunday, November 17, 2013

 Keryn and I have both been thinking that it's going to be a long hot summer and we need to prepare for the days spent locked inside with the air conditioning. (Oh air conditioning, how I do love thee!)
We're thinking of projects to kit up and old UFO's that we can cut the final parts for. We'll have these waiting for the hot weather so we can just start sewing without even having to iron a bit of fabric first.

I've been moving a bundle of maroon and green fabrics around, mostly scraps that didn't have a home, and I decided to use them for Bonnie's Nifty Thrifty pattern from Scraps and Shirttails.

This is a lovely block to construct and very simple to cut, but I didn't really want to set it the same way as the book shows.
 So I fiddled around with graph paper and decided to set them with a negatively coloured block, same design but with the darks and light reversed.
I've worked out the pressing so the seams nest, and it should be easy to sew them all together, in fact I'm finding it hard not to just sit down and finish them all in one go. I've been putting the cut pieces in ziplock bags and now I have a nice little cache of them ready to squirrel away.
The puppies have blossomed into proper little dogs instead of furry blobs, and Sari is still my favourite. I can't have two dogs, can I......?


Diane November 18, 2013  

I like your reversed version of the block, and how you have them laid out.
Why can't you have two dogs? I have two and I find they keep each other company. I wouldn't go back to just one again. Now the difference is, mine are two 5 pound Chihuahuas who eat very little. :)

Sue SA November 18, 2013  

Fun blocks that look great with the reverse included, they remind me of floor tiles. Two dogs, why not...consider it a Christmas present to yourself!

Brenda November 18, 2013  

Two dogs of course you can. Molly and Honey are great company for each other.

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