Wednesday, November 28, 2012

 I'm still a bit obsessed with my  diamonds;I keep thinking of new places where there might be little scraps to cut up. I've put a basket next to my ironing board and every time I turn the iron on I pull out a handful of scraps and press them.
 Then I cut them out whenever I can; I'm amazed at how much I've used up this way. It's very relaxing tracing round my little aluminium template and then making piles of diamonds to add to the box.

Yesterday I met my new great-nephew for the first time, what a little darling! He seemed so tiny, and yet first-born son John was a whole pound lighter when he was born. Hard to believe he was ever this small.... I have a quilt nearly ready to give this chap, but I have to make the label and finish a few bits here and there, and then I have an excuse for another visit.

Keryn and I were ten when we became aunties for the first time, and about 31 when we were great aunties. And now our great-neice is expecting a baby in January (another boy) so we'll be great-Great-aunties! 


Henrietta December 14, 2012  

Time passing and I wonder where it went. Baby feet always touch the heart, so tiny and perfect.

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