Wednesday, July 25, 2012

 I put my other projects aside and began another quilt out of necessity. (That's what I'm telling myself anyway.)

I've been using my 4-4 Time quilt on my bed, but it's showing some wear because Pippi sleeps at the bottom of the bed. She has her own purple  quilt, but she spends a bit of time every night scratching around getting herself in juuust the right position before she settles down and I decided I needed another quilt to share the wear and tear. Preferably one that had minimal light fabric in it.

Surprisingly nothing already made seemed to fit that bill, so I had a quick scrounge around in my scrap bins and orphan units and made a start on Bonnie's Bargain Basement pattern, from 'Scraps and Shirttails'. I'd been thinking about this design, all I needed was an excuse to start!

It was blindingly quick, because I had a large amount of 3 1/2" strips and some squ in sq units as well as 4 patches in the right size.

 I tried this on the bed, but I want it larger all round, so I'm pulling more medium and dark strips  out to play with.
 It's been terrific fun, and there really is no right or wrong way to lay the blocks out, which I love. I may even make a pastel one to use up all the lighter strips I couldn't put in this.

So it's Pippi's fault I've made another top, and if this one wears out I'll just make another.
 This little face is worth it.


The Civil War Quilter July 25, 2012  

I love that top! So simple, yet effective! Like the colors too.

sewprimitive karen July 25, 2012  

Ha, the first picture is so cute. Is Pippi worried about something in the last two photos? It's OK, Pippi! The second quilt is already to flimsy stage and it is a very nice one!

Sue SA July 26, 2012  

Great top, I hadnt seen that pattern before.

Jan July 27, 2012  

After my dog slowly shredded a quilt, I thought to make him his own. How reassuring to know that I'm not alone! This is a wonderful choice of pattern & I really like how yours turned out.

Henrietta July 30, 2012  

She is SO SWEET! She muscled up nicely in maturity but is still very feminine.
Is the blue floor carpet?

Helen in the UK August 06, 2012  

LOVE that pattern ... and I have Bonnie's book!! This is definately going on my 'to make' list. Thanks for sharing your version :)

Tonya Ricucci August 27, 2012  

that sweet face makes all sorts of work worth it. lovely girl and fun quilt.

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