Saturday, May 14, 2011

When I was looking through the archives on Sujata's blog The Root Connection, I found a photo of this quilt, which I think is absolutely wonderful. It is the same pattern as Keryn and I made for the bushfire quilts, but the blocks we made were 8" finished.

Sujata's quilt used pieces that are a lot smaller, and that makes it very appealing to me. I could literally make hundreds of these blocks! Mine finish at 4" and they are very cute and blindingly quick.
The reason I was so pleased to find this inspiration is that I had a little drawer full to overflowing with precut 1 1/2" by 2 1/2" pieces already. When I'm cutting up 2 1/2" strips, sometimes there's a little bit left over that I can't get a square from. I cut these bits into 1 1/2" pieces, and there are a number of ways I thought of using them. Chinese coin strips, borders for mini quilts, or blocks like Chunky Churndash from Bonnie's site.But I knew these Spinning Rail blocks were so easy (as long as you remember to have them spinning all in the same direction) that I decided to make them my Leader Enders for a while.

I can make the whole block without ironing, just finger pressing as I go, so they seem to mount up in a very satisfying way.

I thought I would make as many as I could from this little drawer, but it's taking longer than I thought. This was so full I couldn't shut it properly, but I've made 60 complete blocks and the components for probably another ten and there's still some left. It's much emptier to be sure, but I wonder if it's ever possible to use things up entirely. There's some sort of magicking involved here, where the drawer refills overnight and I'll just keep sewing these forever....


Henrietta May 14, 2011  

They breed in the darkness and privacy of the drawers. :)

Sue SA May 14, 2011  

I wish my draws would breed scraps cut to size, I have the scraps but they just dont cut themselves up unfortunatly! Happy quilting Sue.

Anne Simonot May 15, 2011  

So the strips are cut what size to make this quilt - 1.5 x 2.5"? What would an alternate (larger) size be?

Jan May 17, 2011  

These are little cuties! And, speaking of cuties, we haven't seen any pics of Curtis lately. I love seeing your Staffies, along with other blogger's pets, but I've been hoping to see Curtis, too!

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