Sunday, February 07, 2010

You might be forgiven for thinking I'd overdosed on sewing after the marathon effort, but I've just been super busy and neglected the blog. I thought I'd be able to potter through a few customer quilts but there was a sudden influx of urgent tops with deadlines, all of them custom, and of course all of them Huge. It always seems the way, no-one ever needs a small quilt done quickly...

The things I've been working on in my sewing room are just more of the same projects I've already shown, so the photos are a bit boring. I'd love to be announcing some more finishes, but I'm in the plodding phase at the moment, adding to the pile of Flying Crosses,
some more basket blocks and pieced units,

and trying not to bolt ahead on my Leader- Ender project, which is the pieced border for my Irish Waves.

That's proving hard, as I'm itching to get it all in one piece. Patience, I must have patience.

I've heard that some dogs absolutely hate having a bath, but that's not the case around here. Dolly and Macca will just jump in and whine to have the water turned on.
Mmmm, bathwater is the best!


Teresa February 07, 2010  

The Flying Cross blocks are great, and your dogs are TOO CUTE!!!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Meggie February 07, 2010  

really made me smile to see the dogs so happy in the bath!

Beverley February 07, 2010  

Glad to see you back. Was worried you were ill!!!
Lovely dogs.

Tazzie February 07, 2010  

I'm just loving the border you're piecing for your Irish Waves quilt. I admire your restraint, because I know how tempting these leader and ender projects can be.

Jenni February 07, 2010  

Yes those leader-enders do tend to take over. Love the dogs in the bath - here they get bathed under the hose with a bcket of warm water as well. Staffys all seem to love the water. Your dogs seem to have lovely natures - any further litters planned?

Brenda February 07, 2010  

and whose in the bath with Macca and Dolly?

AmyJo February 08, 2010  

LOL your doggies are way to cute :)

Sharon T in Lynden February 08, 2010  

Thanks for showing such fun photos!! I love your work and it's a treat to stop in and see what you are up to.

Henrietta February 15, 2010  

I am happy to see Dolly has come to realize the joys of bath time. My Jack Russell Tina hates the B-word, her sister was a water loving fool, sprinklers, hoses, which she turned into sprinklers, any water, but not Tina. At 16 I don't think she will change.

How big are your flying arrow blocks?

Mary February 16, 2010  

I hate the plodding stages when I feel like I'm working but not getting anything done.

Chesty HATES getting bathed so it's funny to see the dogs enjoying a bath.

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