Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life goes on and I have to do the things that make me feel better. And of course that involves sewing...My good blocks are slowly coming together, but it's hard to get back to feeling enthusiastic somehow. Part of me wants to hack up huge swathes of material and chainsew like mad, for hours on end- what strange sort of therapy is that? I don't know, but I feel as if I need to see some really quick progress on something after months of devoting my time to others.

I plan to rearrange my quilting tables and make my space more efficient, that always makes me feel better too. Sometimes even if I can't sew, I sit and refold fabric, or shuffle it from one drawer to the next, and the feeling of the fabric, the mechanical movements of my hands sorting it out are soothing and help me sort my thoughts out too. And the best thing about tidying my sewing space is that it inspires me to get in and mess it up again with some new project! Even more therapeutic.....


Hedgehog September 12, 2006  

Beautiful fabrics in those bins of yours. Maybe start a project that isn't you? That's been theapeutic for me - to step outside my usual place in terms of creating.

Nancy September 12, 2006  

After my Mama died last year I spent months playing with fabric. I pulled each piece out. Squared it all off (cut off any pieces that had chunks cut out of them). Cut a few assorted strips from each piece. Cut the chunks I'd cut off into strips, squares, and bricks. Folded what was left and sorted by type/color. I didn't sew a stitch for about 4 months but I still had fabric therapy. As a result I have 10 drawers stuffed full of assorted size strips and boxes upon boxes of squares and bricks. And I'm slowly starting to use those in quilts.

quiltpixie September 12, 2006  

it takes time to feel inspired. sometimes the slow steady plod is all that can be managed, and sometimes taking a chainsaw (rotary cutter) to swaths of fabric and making strips for later use is good therapy... :-)

Patti September 12, 2006  

I think this is one of the reasons many of us quilt. It provides us a connection to the past and the future, it keeps our hands busy so we can let our mind and heart do what they need to do. I know I can relate - I've spent many a difficult time in my sewing room, working through problems in my head as I create.

Rae September 14, 2006  

Fabric; even if it is just sorting it out, matching to each other, Touching it, huging it; is theraputic. My heart goes out to you and your sister. I am sorry for your lose. I do understand. My dad past just 7 1/2 months ago. I started a small quilt a over a year ago. The name of it is Hope. as my dad went down hill I stopped working on it. I still have not been able to pick it back up to quilt it. I know that one day but for now it hurts to much. Mean while I do new, more happy projects.
At any rate Fabric is healing and forgiving.


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