Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lucy asked if I could show the star quilt that's hanging in the background of one of my photos. So here it is but it's not finished, I've got this much sewn together in two panels and I have another three rows to sew and join. Typically I made the blocks in quick time and then they sat there for a year until I decided on a setting fabric.

I was going to use blue for the triangles, but Keryn made a set of stars too and set hers with blue, so I didn't want to do the 'twin' thing. So mine's a bit different. (Gonna show yours, Keryn)

Even the long setting seams are done by hand, I like being able to press the seam allowances in different directions, which is why I'm not working on this during the hot weather.

I love sewing 6 point stars by hand, they are so easy and it's hard to stop making more and more. Most patterns are so simple to make by machine, but any pattern based on hexagons is usually more pleasant to sew by hand, so I've got a list of ideas for them too. I must say I don't really like the run of the mill Grandmother's flower garden usually, but I've saved some photos of antique ones that are gorgeous, and they'll become handpiecing projects in time.

Having written that I suddenly remembered another 6 point star top that I handpieced last year, and I'd forgotten all about it! I tend to just finish the tops and stow them away, then on to the next thing. The pink in this is a reproduction double pink, whereas the other one is more of a salmon pink. I based this on an antique quilt which actually had a really deep pink, almost red setting diamond but I couldn't replicate that and chickened out of using just red. I'm not a great risk taker, but I think I'm getting more adventurous.


Alena February 08, 2006  

I love your quilt tops, they are both beautiful...

Cathi February 12, 2006  

I was wondering...I just finished hand piecing a Dear Jane quilt ( and am looking for another handpiecing project...can you tell me your process for doing the 6 pointed stars? I'd love to do one in the repro fabric that I have collected doing my Dear Jane.

Lucy February 19, 2006  

Hi Mereth, I was a few days very busy with my dad. So I am late with my comment. but I am impressed .. I LOVE both quilts .. and indeed it is a perfect handpiecing project !! Your fabrics are so ... so great. WOW

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