Sunday, March 16, 2014

You would not believe the agonising that went on, finally choosing the cream to set these blocks together. Keryn was driven nuts by my vacillitating but was very patient, probably because she is capable of doing the same thing with her fabric choices. I don't know how many times I said "That's it! I'm just using this one!" and then the little doubts would creep in, it was too white, it was too plain, the pattern was distracting, it was too yellow, the design was too modern...Sigh. I had used some very light shirtings in the blocks, and they made lots of fabrics look really dirty next to them.I tried and tried to just sew it together and couldn't. The cream I've actually settled on is still not what I had in mind, but I've sickened myself with all the little broken decisions; I've had enough, and this will do, finally.

Except, when it came down to it, I only had enough to sew three rows together. Aghh! I've bought three lots of cream fabric in three metre lengths, but this wasn't one of them, would you believe it? I knew where to get more, but had to wait until we went to Pirie, and meanwhile the design wall was full of neatly arranged blocks, just sitting there. I put them all into little piles, pinned to the side, because the arrangement of these had taken many hours too, twitching and fiddling until everything was balanced. There was no way I was going to go through that again.

Funnily enough, when I was looking through the Quilts of Virginia book I remembered another project I'd started, this ninepatch on point. It's not like I actually forget these things, but until something reminds me they're just not on my radar.
So, onto the design wall they went, and I'm sewing them together, quick and easy.
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I now have enough of the cream I need, so I don't know which project I'll finish first, but things are moving at last. The actual sewing is the easy bit, it's the decisions that take up so much of my time. Like what to do with three lots of almost identical very light cream.....


Tricia Sagen March 17, 2014  

You are so funny! I guess that I am lucky to be so busy that when I actually get time to sew that there is no time to THINK! Just dive right in and hope that all turns out well. Maybe that is why my quilts never look as beautiful as yours do, though!
Take care.

Sue SA March 17, 2014  

I think it is worth taking your time to pick the right fabric, otherwise you will hate it and never finish the top. Hope you are getting some rain today for the garden.

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