Sunday, March 31, 2013

The first two days of the Easter break have been spent doing a customer quilt and painting the shed. I went up and down the ladder so many times that my legs are really hurting today, but I consider it a workout. Like a step machine, but cheaper. We should be able to finish the last little bit next week, and then Lookout!!! We'll be moving loads of stuff  to set the workshop up. I'm hoping we can make it a bit pretty too; we weren't able to decorate the back of the hall. but now we can pull out some gorgeous little things and hopefully be able to hang quilts too. I can hardly wait.

  I found the QNM with the Devil's Claw in it, and it has no border at all. I'm pretty sure  mine would look better with something around the edge, but I haven't thought about it yet.

I had no idea what to do with myself this morning, we'd been going flat out for so long that I sort of crashed in a heap. I pottered in my sewing room and opened every drawer and cupboard, pulling out snall pieces to cut up and refolding and tidying. I collected a pile of stuff to be ironed and then I went
through it and ironed out all the wrinkles and folds; it was great therapy.
 Gradually I started to feel a bit more with it, and I cut a heap of browns up for various projects, and dealt with a small mountain of scraps and remains of fat quarters. I used to put them aside in a container, but now I just cut them straight up into strips or squares, I don't want them hanging around at all. My ruthless scrap cutting is paying off, when I went to hunt for some neutral scraps the other day, I couldn't find any. I've dealt with them all, likewise my pastel scraps, and I had to cut from yardage. I always assumed that I'd never get on top of the scrap situation, but I'm almost in control now. Most of what I've got left are pieces  that Keryn gave me when she was packing up, because she couldn't be bothered with them- that's a win for both of us in my book.

I even went through the project boxes and found this set of blocks I made about six years ago. I wanted to set them on point with an alternate square, but I ran out of the cream homespun I'd used. I ferreted around in the cream drawer and found a similar fabric, so I want to work out the requirements now and start cutting.
I was looking for this set of hand-pieced blocks, as I thought I might set these together next. I got such a kick out of working on the Devil's Claw that I'd like to keep the momentum going on these old projects. So I'll be playing around with settings for these- they're all made from vintage fabric so I'll have to find a fairly big piece if I want it to be authentic. Looks like I'll be pulling out all the vintage stuff soon.
We were in the supermarket the other day and I heard a little boy calling excitedly "Nana! Nana!!" and it sounded so much like Logan I felt a real pang. Oh, I miss them, it's so special to have little people in my life again.
 Isn't it amazing the difference two years can make? 
Max looks a bit doubtful about the whole thing, that brother is a bit full on for him!


Jan April 01, 2013  

I remember that quilt from QNM! You are always inspiring me with your work. Cute grandbabies, too.

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