Wednesday, August 22, 2012

 I managed to put together this set of blocks, which have been maturing in their box for quite a few years. I just love sq in sq units and these blocks used heaps of them, so I really enjoyed sewing this. (I have another set of thirty in just blue and cream, but I won't mention them now...)
 I've lost the photo of the antique quilt I based them on, and couldn't remember what the border looked like.

I tried a sort of sq on point border, but it didn't do anything for me, and the top has been sitting on the design wall while I tried out different combinations. I think I've finally decided what to do, and I'll start sewing strips tonight with any luck. Stay tuned...

The other night at John's place he was making us a cup of 'proper' coffee, and when he put the cups on the table we discovered... a line drawing of a bottom
and a sort of mythical creature. He swore he did nothing to make these happen- must be his artistic talent coming out in strange ways.


sewprimitive karen August 22, 2012  

The top is wonderful, love the soft print as the alternate. Amazing you could catch such good photos of John's sorcery :-).

Meredith August 23, 2012  

Great Quilt Top. Looking foward to the borders. I bet the antique did not have applique on it. But when I saw your top I thought of an appliqued border.

Jan August 23, 2012  

Such a nice block. Looks great set on point with your choice of fabric for the alternate block. Curious to see the border - and the blue and white that you failed to mention ;)

franie-jay August 23, 2012  

That's a lovely quilt design! Thanks for sharing the mythical creature and bottom in the coffee cups - I had a good laugh - who knows soon he may be 'reading' the tealeaves. Cheers from Fran.

Eileen C August 25, 2012  

Beautiful! What size are those blocks?

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