Saturday, August 11, 2012

 My Bargain Basement top is quilted and bound and ready to put on the bed. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and it should hide the pawprints and dog hair very well. I've never made a quilt for quite  those reasons before, but I imagine it won't be the last.
I ended up making it 7 x 8 blocks, and then I found a stash of 9 1/2" squares that I cut in half and used as an edge. I really liked the border in Bonnies book, but I'll only go so far for Pippi, much as I love her. If I'm going to put that much sewing into a border, it's not going to be a dog bed!

I thought using the cut down squares for the border was really nifty, because I didn't have to measure anything, just count the corresponding blocks, and I put a square in each corner to even things out. I didn't have to bother finding yardage big enough for the whole thing and the scrappiness suited this particular top. It's an idea I'll definitely use again.
 I used a new panto of Keryn's to test it out and it made a lovely texture over all the scrappy bits and pieces. I sewed three or four old bits of fabric together for the back- no photo- and got rid of about ten pieces of scrap batting from the workshop. I could probably still make four quilts from the pile of batting offcuts, but at least it's a start. All in all, I used a shedload of scraps of every kind, blocks, strips, backing squares, yardage and batting. Very satisfying.Thanks Pippi!


Pokey August 11, 2012  

I like the Bargain Basement, I really do! The combination of square in square and 4 patch mixed in sure make it fun, along with the varied textures and prints. Did you make this one up? Very nice ~

Jan August 11, 2012  

I must admit that this pattern was not a favorite in Bonnie's book, but now it is! The border adds a nice finish, too.

Andrea August 11, 2012  

It's brilliant - makes me want to play with my scraps straightaway :-) Those blocks look big so I can imagine they were addictive watching them grow quickly xx

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