Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's 40 degrees outside (around 105 F) and I'm holed up in the sewing room with the airconditioner on, staying cool. On days like this there's nothing else to do, housework is out of the question, and as for cooking! Yuk!

This morning I watered all my garden and moved pots out of the horrible wind which seems to accompany these days- I think it does more damage than the heat. This gorgeous David Austen rose is just a shapeless bundle of dried petals now, but at least I have the photo.
My tomatoes are loving the heat, as long as they have enough water, and they are well over six feet high now. I've picked kilos and kilos from them, and they're still laden. I want to make tomato sauce, and I've frozen half of the nine kilos I need. It won't take me long to amass the rest, at the rate they're ripening.
I'm trying to work on the antique blocks, but I was still having a lot of trouble with the fabric placement. I just didn't seem to have the colours I wanted and it was making me feel very sour towards this project.
Yesterday I was looking at the shelf above my sewing machine and saw a plastic box with a likely looking fabric in it, and when I got it down I could have kicked myself.
When we started this project I went through the stash and collected all the bits I wanted to use and put them together in one container. Then Christmas happened along and other things distracted me, and I completely forgot even doing it. No wonder I couldn't find the 'right' fabrics; they weren't in the stash anymore. Sigh. My memory is getting very fickle these days.

Pippi likes to lie at my feet in this weather, stretched full out so I can trip over her more easily. I drew her the other day, and as she was facing away from me she was upside down. It's considered a good exercise to try drawing an object like this, makes you focus on what you see, not what you think you see.
Here I've flipped the sketch in photoshop, and it still looks ok to me anyway.


Quilter Steph January 17, 2012  

Your rose is beautiful. It's HUGE. It looks like a peony. Stay cool.

Meggie January 17, 2012  

You are so talented. That rose is a real beauty, such a pretty colour. My mind is getting a bit doddery these days, too.

*karendianne. January 18, 2012  

Oh I love, and I mean LOVE, your drawing of Pippi and oh my the tomatoes are so happy. Wow!!!

JeniceD January 18, 2012  

Wonderful drawing! Makes me want to reach out and pet the puppy! Your memory sounds like mine. We have so much information to keep up with these days, it's no wonder we forget some things.

Jenni January 20, 2012  

Very hot down there, no wonder Pippi is in the aircon with you - her drawing looks just like her. Doesn't it make you mad to have forgotten about those fabrics?

Henrietta January 30, 2012  

Is that Lady Emma Hamilton?

I don't think I can quite get my mind around 105 degrees. Our average temperature is 65 year round although it gets a bit beastly in August sometimes when the trade winds go away and it gets up to the low 80s

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