Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm working on some nine patches that will be used in the centre of my album variation blocks. They're supposed to be random, but for some reason I'm having trouble with just picking up bits and sewing them together. So I'm doing a rather planned scrap look, and to help me keep track of what I've decided I use an old magazine.

I start about half way through and lay each block out on a page. I flip the previous page over on top of it and plan another block and so on, until I've got as many as I need. Then the whole thing just lives next to the machine and I can turn the page and sew one block at a time without getting all mixed up.
I just seem to be happier with this way of choosing fabrics, and I don't agonise over every decision like I was before. It still looks fairly random to me anyway.

This is a catalogue for a gorgeous English shop called Past Times- I don't know if it still exists as this is from last century, 1995 to be exact. There are so many beautiful objects in here and it keeps me amused as I sew and look at all the things I didn't buy...
I was in the garden today and saw Pippi lying on the lawn, all four legs in the air and enjoying the shade and cool grass. She loves lying like this and quite often goes to sleep in this unladylike position. How undignified...
She came over to me later and I snapped a photo but didn't realise she'd closed her eyes-doesn't she look silly? Oh, that sun was so bright she had to go back and have another nap on the lawn. What a good life our dogs have!


Karen January 11, 2012  

The magazine idea is good. I should have used it on a couple projects I just had stacked. When you knocked the pile over and it scatters on the floor, you have to start all over again. I saw on one of the blogs where thin paper plates were being used to keep parts for blocks separate.

Sue SA January 12, 2012  

Thanks for the handy hint, I really cannot do random scrappiness, so I will be using this technique! There should be free therapy for quilters who need to let got of their colour coordinating skills....either that or we should be able to bottle and sell it!

Jan January 12, 2012  

That is such a clever idea, and I certainly have plenty of magazines handy in the sewing room. Always love to see your pup's pics :)

Leeanne January 12, 2012  

The magazine is a great idea!

Meggie January 17, 2012  

Ditto about the magazine! Pippi is just lovely.

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