Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I don't get really mad at Pippi digging, because most of the time it's somewhere harmless, and she's very funny to watch when she's in action. Now that it's so hot I can't blame her for digging a hole to lie in that's slightly cooler than the surrounding earth.This was originally a pile of dirt about two feet high, which she flattened and spread around with lots of pronking and prancing and skittering in all directions. I noticed she'd started an excavation, and when I investigated I found she was trying to bury one of her toys. Poor thing got pretty mangled at some stage!
She looks so mature and sensible sometimes, but she's still a big puppy at heart. And a naughty one at that, she recently ate two of Keryn's shoes, and what made it worse is they were from different pairs. When is she going to learn..... sigh.


Sue SA January 05, 2012  

Hmmm eating shoes, what can you do with single shoes? Well you can donate them to those in need (, via the Butterfly movement, Oz branch of Soles for Souls, which start up collecting shoes in March (tbc)and the drop off is in Goodwood Road....on the way to Tricias! Just in case your interested, Sue SA.

Jenni January 05, 2012  

She probably won't ever learn, she's probably wondering when Keryn will learn not to leave her shoes around! She's very pretty...

Meggie January 05, 2012  

Happy New Year Mereth.
I recently disposed of a pair of Gom's shoes, & noted that Leo had eaten one of the toungues out!

Sherry January 06, 2012  

Probably never. . . we have a 10 or 11 year old (we think; she was a stray so really have no idea her age) furkid that still gets in to trouble.

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