Friday, February 26, 2010

I've been jumping from project to project in my sewing room and not really settling to anything. The only thing I felt like doing was making more scrappy square in square units,
about 150 more actually. Occasionally I get obsessed by them, and the only thing to do is let it run it's course.

I usually just add them to the piles in the drawer, but this time there were too many- the drawer was full.
So I pulled out the scrappiest brightest ones and now I'm sewing these simple blocks to try and use them up, don't know how they'll be set or how many there will be at this stage. I just need the drawer to close again!
I started another set of blocks, but I'll show them in another post, these units are so versatile and can be combined with so many other little blocks. That's one of the reasons I love making them.

The pile of pieced bits for the Irish Waves border grows too, I think I'm going to have to forge ahead and finish this soon.
I have a kindergarten chair in my sewing room that I use as a stepstool to reach high shelves. Dolly loves to sit on chairs whenever she can, and has claimed this for her own. Small things make her happy, but she's rather subdued at the moment, and sporting some nasty looking embroidery stitches on her side. No puppies for Dolly, and no jumping on chairs for a while either....


julieQ February 26, 2010  

Poor Dollie needs that chair to rest, LOL! She is so cute, grinning into the camera. Wow, that pile of pretty blocks is wonderful!

pdudgeon February 27, 2010  

i love those square in a square blocks. there's something so refreshing about a simple block coming together to form interesting patterns in a quilt.
well done!

Karen February 27, 2010  

It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. You work on such interesting quilts.

sewprimitive karen February 27, 2010  

Dolly is posing so adorably. Love what you are working on, as always.

Kerri February 28, 2010  

The S in a S blocks looks so pretty in the the 4 unit blocks!

Brenda February 28, 2010  

Dolly and Molly both love chairs. Hope she's feeling better after the op soon.

Love as allways your square in a square blocks.

Meggie March 04, 2010  

Dear Dolly, she looks so cute sitting there. I am sure she will be her usual self in no time.

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