Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another spell of hot weather is making it hard to quilt during the day. I started yesterday at 6.20, but that was too late, so I got up at 4 this morning and will turn the machine on at five.
The first customer quilt for 2010 was a huge 100" square Ohio Star which took quite a while to do. But it turned out nicely and we were able to turn Millhouse off and let him cool down before the hottest part of the day. Sometimes the computer part has a little hissy fit when it's too hot and we have to restart everything- the machine can handle the cold far better than the heat.
I went home and came back- I was going to say ' in the cool of the evening', but there was no cool. When Keryn was watering some things in the garden I wandered out carrying a thermometer and at 7 pm it was 120 degrees in the late sunlight. But only 100 on the back verandah, and believe me, that felt cool! I know you shouldn't measure the temperature in the sunlight, but I was just curious.

I then loaded another top, recognise this Brenda? This is all batiks and looked very cool and pretty and foresty, but it was still too hot to turn Millhouse on and the insects had come out. So it will be started this morning instead, when I can open all the doors and get some cool(ish) air into the workroom.
Have I mentioned before that I hate summer? I'm reading the northern blogs with longing, thinking of their snow and cosy fires, of knitting and snuggling under quilts. I miss my wool socks and polar fleece and rain and clouds and homemade soup. Sigh. It's usually hot well into March here, so I'd better stop complaining right now.


Lori in South Dakota January 10, 2010  

be careful what you wish for!! It's been -30F here with lots of blowing and drifting snow. No travel. Not even 4 wheel drive some days. But tomorrow we will have a heat wave and are supposed to have a high of 30F. A change of 60 degrees in 24 hours! Woohoo!

Laura January 11, 2010  

We get heat like that too in the summer and I hate it. 100 plus degrees at midnight is just wrong. But I love this time of the year when we are having weather in the 60's while the rest of the country is freezing. Got to take the good with the bad I guess.

Love that batik quilt. The border is stunning!

tami January 11, 2010  

I wish I could send you some of our cold. We have 20F here today at the warmest part of the day. I wouldn't like your heat, but I would be happy sharing to meet somewhere in the middle.

Anonymous,  January 11, 2010  

As cold as it's been here I wouldn't trade for your summer -- but how about a mini trade -- we warm up about 20 degrees and you cool off 20 degrees? (I like winter, but a little better when it's slightly warmer)

Brenda January 11, 2010  

Cool. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

hope you get some respite from the heat.

Jenni January 12, 2010  

I'm with you Mereth - too hot by far, and humid. I often wonder why I live in the subtropics, really I'm a cold weather person too. How are the dogs coping? Stay safe and well hydrated, any bushfires near you?

KatieQ January 13, 2010  

I love looking at your quilts. The backs are always as much fun as the front. I love batik fabrics so the current quilt on the frame is a delight to my eyes.

Meggie January 13, 2010  

Love both those quilts. How awful the heat is! Somehow you seem to get more extremes than we do up here on the Central Coast.
I suffer from perspiring palms, so can never handsew in the summer. All my needles & pins go rusty!

Shasta January 15, 2010  

That's so funny - we are wishing for days when we can go out without having to put on millions of layers, and being able to feel the sunshine, and wearing shorts and flipflops. When summer comes, I'll be wishing for the quilts and snow too.

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