Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My completed blocks are growing in number, in fact I think I'm going to have enough for more than one quilt if I make all the pieces I've cut out. Never mind,it's a nice block to make, but I should have made it 9" instead of 12". This quilt is going to be BIG if I do what I originally intended.

I may use a lightning streak setting like this instead of a plain alternate block like the antique quilt I'm copying. There's still plenty of room for some vines or feathers to wind around, and it will use up a few more blocks. Bad thing is I'll have to make half blocks to fill out the edge, but I'm sure I'll manage.

Keryn's photo on her blog of all the little half square triangles laid out so neatly made me smile. This is a batch of triangle units, finger pressed open and waiting next to the iron to be pressed properly. They look like a tray of little sandwiches ready to go to a party! I quite often leave a project at a stage like this so that when I can work at my sewing again I've got a nice easy job to do first up.

Here are the latest pair of socks, ready to be cast off. These were really quite boring to knit because the stripe was so predictable. It took some discipline to do the second one, but finally I can cast on something more exciting. I always do a toe-up sock with a short-row heel when I'm using self patterning wool, but I love the traditional sock that starts at the cuff and has a french flap heel. I could knit them in my sleep I've made so many over the years. But the self striping wool looks much better in a short row heel and it's easier to judge the amount of wool you have for each sock.

It's suddenly turned quite hot here, and I'm hoping my knitting days aren't numbered. I shall have to knit regularly throughout the summer, even if it's only a few rows at a time, just to keeep my hands in training. This winter when I started to knit after a break of several years I found my hands ached quite badly until they got used to it. I'll have to do ten minutes knitting training in the cool of the morning this summer!


Karen September 19, 2006  

You are so clever to be able to knit socks like that; wish I could. They are beautiful.

Hedgehog September 19, 2006  

Your blocks are beautiful!

paula, the_quilter September 20, 2006  

What is that block called? I like it with that white instead of an off-white. I never thought of doing a toe-up sock with self striping yarn. But then, I have a really hard time short-rowing. So my self-striped sox don't really match up. That's ok, I just call them artful. I kitchnered the second sock off the needles just this morning. And then immediately cast on for these sox http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer03/PATTbroadripple.html

I am hopelessly addicted to sock knitting. /paula

Lisa D. September 21, 2006  

That's a great setting for those blocks! Very unique.

ForestJane September 30, 2006  

Wow, all those Hsts all neatly lined up wouldn't last thru even ONE kitty 'I saw a ghost and now I've got to run' episode. And I have them nightly here! Looks pretty though!

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