Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lookee what I got at the local antique shop! A pair of 40's shoes in perfect condition. The flash makes them look a bit greyed out but they're jet black suede and sooo comfortable I will definitely wear them.

I've always loved shoes from that era, and indeed others pairs have come to my attention before. But Keryn and I have little feet and nothing ever fitted, so I couldn't justify buying them just to look at. These will be worn to special occasions, but definitely not for walking very much. I don't want to be the one that ruins them after they've been looked after for 50 odd years.

Excuse the picture of my fat leg, it's just the angle of the camera, I swear!

And some irresponsible person put sock wool on ebay and look what they made me do! How dare they tempt me like that! There's enough here for another 7 pairs of socks at least! And because Keryn and I have the aforementioned little hooves I don't use up the whole 100g ball. Already I'm getting a collection of oddments that I might combine to make truly lairy socks. I've noticed on some knitting blogs that people are making blankets out of leftover sock wool, but my patchwork is for making lap quilts and throws and crib quilts and such. I refuse to knit them as well. It's getting hot early this year, but I will endeavour to knit as many pairs as I can before it truly swelters and my sock drawer will be stuffed ready for next winter.


paula, the_quilter September 16, 2006  

Mmmmm... love the white one in the back and the black/white/gray one in the front. I've purchased sock yarn off of eBay too. I just bought some yarn from the LYS this week. I plan on doing amigurumi with my leftovers. I want to see some sox posted! Do you do a short row heel or a common flap heel? /paula

Karen September 17, 2006  

Just love your vintage shoes, what a find!

Hedgehog September 17, 2006  

Love both the shoes and the socks - what finds!

Anonymous,  September 26, 2006  

I've sworn off eBay for a few weeks - the bank account is looking pretty grim! There have been so many bargains lately though LOL. Love your socks and gorgeous quilts! I tend to think of leaders enders as teeny squares (I'm using 1.5" squares in 9-patches), but bigger blocks work just as well too!

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