Thursday, May 29, 2014

 I had been using these 16 patch blocks as leader-enders for quite a while, and I decided to count them and see how many more I needed.

 I was quite astonished to find there were 99 of them! I had just kept adding them to the box as they were finished, without really thinking about what I wanted to do and they certainly mounted up quickly.

I can't remember when I started making them, but Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts was also making 16 patches at the same time, and we may have based this on the same antique quilt but I can't remember that either. I was really sad when she stopped writing, but recently she began posting again.Hooray! She did seem to get an awful lot done and it was always inspiring seeing what she was up to.

 I might throw these blocks up  on the design wall and see how big they want to become, but I've also started experimenting with a new ruler and some different fabrics, not to mention making progress with some handpiecing on a UFO. I'll post about those projects later.

I'm all over the shop at the moment and tonight especially, because I'm waiting for this bump to make her appearance, my third grandchild and first grandaughter.

Son John and DIL Liz are in an  Adelaide hospital awaiting her arrival, tonight or tomorrow hopefully and it's rather hard to settle down to doing anything. Exciting times around here at the moment and I can hardly wait for that first cuddle!


Jan May 30, 2014  

A new grandbaby - how exciting! Hope her brothers are looking forward to meeting her, too.
I can't get enough of 16 patch quilts - or 25 patch, or even more. They are just classic!

Karen June 03, 2014  

I admire that you do the Leaders and Enders. I have tried and it gets confusing keeping one project straight from another.

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