Friday, March 01, 2013

Logan is absolutely fascinated by his little brother and will probably be a big help later on running and fetching things.He's so gentle and loving with him, let's hope that lasts even when Max reaches that annoying tag along stage. They should be good company for each other when he's a bit bigger.

Every little squeak and squawk is funny now- the novelty might wear off that soon!
I didn't really have an easily transported hand sewing project to bring over here, so I just packed some metal templates and a couple of charm packs. I haven't had much time to sit and sew, but I'm gradually amassing some little stars and other bits and pieces.

I did bring a few pieces of red and green fabric to try out an idea, and I'm still exploring where to go with that.

At the moment, baby watching is a bit more important....


Sue SA March 01, 2013  

What a beautiful boy, I am sure the brothers will be great friends when he gets a bit bigger. Star blocks are very addictive, let me assure you of that!

Vivian March 01, 2013  

You're getting lovely little blocks done, even with the fun of baby watching.
Congratulations to the entire family! Such a sweet little baby, and it looks like he'll have the best big brother.

Seonaid Emmerson March 01, 2013  

Naw he looks like Rob already lol

Patti March 01, 2013  

He's such a precious little guy. You must be over-the-moon thrilled. Who can sew when there is a baby to snuggle? Enjoy while you can.

Kathie March 01, 2013  

just so precious....forget the sewing enjoy every minute with these two precious boys

Henrietta March 09, 2013  

Sincere congratulations!

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