Wednesday, October 31, 2012

  As Keryn summed up in this post life has been incredibly lively over the last few weeks. It seems an absolute whirlwind of activity, but now it's over we can get back to our boring routines and settle down.
I only have a few photos of my son John's wedding to Liz, because I made a concious decision to put the camera down and just enjoy the experience first hand. Sometimes we spend so much time looking through the lens of the camera trying to capture the moment that we don't get to experience it fully. There were plenty of other people taking photos so I'll be able to enjoy those later on. It was so lovely having all the family there (well most of them) and helping to launch John and Liz into their married life- I had a wonderful day and know they did too.

I think Rob and Elisa's son Logan won everyone's heart that night, he was so good and funny and kept everyone amused for hours. He was wearing the little suit that he wore to my neices wedding in January but he's grown so tall it won't fit him much longer. When he tired himself out he climbed into his pusher and went to sleep; he was no trouble at all.
 What a little darling, and Keryn's daughter Seonaid (one of the bridesmaids) is a bit gorgeous too.
Keryn snapped this lovely photo of Rob and Logan after the ceremony, that boy certainly has some energy!
And in other news, I'm going to be a granny again in February next year. I'm going to be a great aunt in four weeks, and next January a great, great aunt- the family events are just piling up.It's quite amazing being at this stage of life where our children have grown into wonderful adults and we have so much fun when we get together. It makes me sad that Keryn's son Rhys has gone back to 
Queensland and Rob, Elisa and Logan are back in New South Wales, but we did have a great time and that's what is important.


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