Thursday, April 07, 2011

The rail fence top is in one piece, I rather like the basket weave effect in this one. So easy to do and it gobbled up quite a few strips in the process.The strips that were too small for the rail fence were made into these four-patch puss in the corner blocks, which have been set together into another top. I'm going to put borders on this when I get the chance, hopefully this weekend. And there are still 2" strips left over; I think this is the fourth or fifth top I've made from this container. It doesn't do to think of how many actual quilts are lurking in the stash, does it? I might get a bit overwhelmed.

And one of the good things about finishing tops is now I get to choose the backings, which will use another pile of fabric from the shelves. Oh, and bindings...!
Every evening Keryn and I take the dogs to the golf course, which is mercifully free of golfers at the moment. We keep threatening to take a thermos of coffee and just let the dogs exercise themselves by chasing mice and rabbits while we lean against a tree and relax after some very full work weeks.That would make a nice end to the day, and if I rigged up a doggie backpack we could even get out of carrying the thermos.
When we are walking the streets to get to this lovely spot we see many dogs who never get out of their yards, ever, and I wonder if our dogs realise how lucky they are? It doesn't take much effort to make these two really happy, and sometimes it's only half an hour there and back, but it makes their day.


Leeanne April 07, 2011  

You have very lucky dogs, the dog next door to us, has a very sad life, he is in in section all day everyday, no walks, no stimulation.He is such a gentle beautiful dog, it breaks my heart.
Cool quilts, lovely and scrappy.

sewprimitive karen April 08, 2011  

Oh, the poor pups who can't get out like yours do.

Sue SA April 09, 2011  

Thanks for the great ideas, now that I have whittled my UFO's down I have started cutting up the unwanted parts of my stash. I hope I am able to quell the "non scrap" quilter in me, who insists of coordinating everything because I love your scrap combo's - they look great! Happy quilting Sue SA.

sewkalico May 08, 2011  

What beautiful tops you have made! (The thermos sounds like a good idea, I always say that when a few mums are sitting in the park, that we could do with a coffee shop attached to it :-D)

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