Thursday, April 28, 2011

I spent four days in Newcastle, catching up with Rob and Elisa and little Logan. He's five and a half months old now and terribly cute; I had the best time getting to know him. I took quite a few movies of him so that I can watch them at home and remember all his little winning ways. I'll just have to make more frequent trips to see him, he's changing so quickly now.

Although I took some hand sewing to do I really preferred to spend as much time as I could gooing over him. He's such a good happy baby and very much like his Dad, except Robert had pale blue eyes and Logan's are dark. He's certainly got a big voice like his father and plenty to say about lots of things, but as it's all good natured chat it's just funny to listen to.He likes books at bedtime too, just like his Nanna.What a little dear.

Rob took me to a local market and as we were walking round he said "The fat quarters are over here Mum," and showed me a little patchwork stall. I've trained him well!


sewprimitive karen April 28, 2011  

Isn't he absolutely adorable sitting with his dad.

sewkalico May 08, 2011  

What a beautiful little baby boy, I love it when they sleep like that! Wonderful that your son is so clued up on patchwork.

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