Tuesday, February 24, 2015

 I was cutting up some blue fabric the other day, and as I looked through the stash I realised that I have rather too much of this lighter blue material hanging around. Most of it is old, because I haven't bought this colour since, well, last century really. I just don't use it, for some reason.

I love my indigos and the patterned navy fabric with coloured prints,

 I like some of the pale blue stuff I have. (Don't ask me why those yellow pieces are in that drawer, I only just noticed them...)

 I love, love the reproduction mid blues.

 But the bright mid blue gets passed over time and again.

As I comb through the stash I've been trying to discover which groups of fabric I don't use and set them aside. If I know I'll never buy them again, I want to use them up and make that the end of the story. I suppose I could sell them on ebay or just give them away, but it's not as if I don't like the fabric...I just don't use it. And I no longer buy it, so once it's gone, it's gone.

I used a heap of old florals and yellow fabric in Bonnies Floribunda, and loved finally playing with them.

I collected very dark greens and yellowy creams from the stash drawers  to cut into 1 3/4" squares for four-patches - if I come across anything  of this colour, even scraps, it gets cut into that size and put in the tin.
It seems that once I have a project for these groups of fabric I don't mind their presence anymore- I know what I'm doing and they'll eventually be used and gone. I've decided to make these giant sq in sq blocks with the bright blues - they end up about 7" so they cover a lot of ground quickly. I doubt this will use all of them, but I'm hacking up swathes of fabric and the smaller bits are disappearing completely.

I don't know how big the top will end up, at the moment I'm just having fun getting this out of the stash and up on the design wall.


Chookyblue...... February 24, 2015  

bestill my heart all that gorgeous blue.........

Karen February 24, 2015  

I like blue but tend to use the darker ones and not so much of the light ones.

katie z. February 25, 2015  

What Chookyblue said!

Sandy February 25, 2015  

Funny I used to not like those light and mid blues, but now I am craving them. It'll be fun to see how your sq in sq quilt finishes up.

Sue SA February 25, 2015  

Great approach to using a colour up. I might try and replicate that, as I have loads of brown and brown purples that I don't love anymore.

QuiltinLibraryLady February 25, 2015  

Good job on deciding what to do with all those lighter blues. Sometimes those light colors are hard to use. I just dug out a box of scraps dating to my craft sale days in the 80s & 90s to cut up. There is so much light peach, seafoam green, country blue, and mauve that I just might have to give some to the Lutheran church ladies for their mission quilts. It's pretty and I still like it, but there is just TOO MUCH OF IT!!

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