Friday, February 28, 2014

 I've been mulling over what to tackle next, an old project, or start a new one.  Much as I love that idea, and there are several blocks that I'm itching to try out, I feel that I should continue to deal with a few more old projects before I let myself add another one to the pile.

I was reading Diane from Dyed Quilting the other day, and she showed some photos from a book she'd bought,  "Quilts of Virginia". I recognised one of them, and dug out a project box from a couple of years ago.
I'd already done 49 blocks and they were just sitting there waiting to be set together. I think I got stuck on finding the 'perfect' cream to set them with and although I've bought two or three suitable lengths I'd never got back to these blocks.
 I call them a Framed Star, I don't know if they have a proper name, but that will do for me.
In the book it's called a Nine Patch quilt, but it's not, only the centre is a nine patch. It's based on a grid of 5x5 squares, and is very easy to put together.

 I love them, I had so much fun picking the fabrics and now I'm looking forward to getting them onto the design wall. I'm glad Diane's post jogged my memory!


Sandy February 28, 2014  

I like that block.
I think I could make that block!
I also love your fabrics. Its going to be a beautiful quilt!

Jan March 01, 2014  

Great blocks; I recall being impressed by your inspiration quilt, too.

Sue SA March 01, 2014  

Hope that perfect cream is hiding in your stash now! Great block.

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