Saturday, February 09, 2013

I despair of ever taking photos with true to life colours, these are all tinged blue from the walls of the workshop, painted in lovely Stonemason pastel blue. I wonder when we'll be able to get rid of that? And the nauseating turquoise carpet.....
 So the green of the border is not quite so green as it appears and is more subdued and antiquey looking.
I think I mentioned these Little Cross blocks in the very early days of  blogging - Jan 26 2006 to be exact. I couldn't get them set together until nearly four years later Jan 17 2010 and they've not seen the light of day until I started pulling out tops and fabric for The Big Border Push of early 2013. You will notice that the setting fabric of this top is the border fabric of the double pinwheels from the last post. I'm a bit dim sometimes, and too often the restrictions that I put on certain fabrics don't get updated straight away. The rest of this fabric was with this top and when I pulled it all out it finally occurred to me that I didn't have to "save"  it for this project any more, that it was fair game to be used on another quilt. Only took me three years to work that out...

I'm disappointed in some of the fabric in these blocks, really boring  90's florals and other bits I was trying to use up. How many of my quilts start this way, 'getting rid of scraps' and then I fall in love with the finished blocks and wish I'd used nicer fabric. Oh well, it's all good quality, and I would like to make the little cross blocks again, in beautiful reproductions, and set them a bit differently.Does every quilt beget another quilt around here? Each one seems to spark another idea for me, and I want to go haring off in persuit.

But the feeling of finishing four tops already this year is a good one, and surely that entitles me to start something soon? I'm going to get a cup of coffee and update my spreadsheet and see what the next UFO in line will be. I really feel like making a dent in that pile this year, and I'm off to a good start...


Sue SA February 09, 2013  

I think you are off to a great start in whittling that UFO pile down!

Diane February 09, 2013  

Another beauty! You inspire me so much. the only problem with that is I tend to start a lot of projects. I think I have as many boxes of started and set aside blocks as you do. Well maybe not since you have just a few more years of piecing than I do, and a sister to help you. :)

Brenda February 10, 2013  

Love watching your progress.

Anne February 10, 2013  

The blocks work really well with these fabrics. Congratulations on another top finished!

Anne @ Vickery Quilt and Craft Retreat

Lucy May 18, 2013  

What a beauty, this is so my piece of cake

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