Sunday, January 13, 2013

 I do feel a bit monochromatic these days posting nothing but my brown blocks. I hope to be cutting more colourful setting fabrics soon, as I have finished the twenty  Flying Cross blocks

  and the Duck Paddle ones. However when I started to lay these out on the design wall I thought the pile was bigger and so it proved to be. There were thirty blocks, not twenty- I really wasn't paying attention somewhere along the line.
So the finished top will be  a bit larger than I thought.
Then I began pulling out fabric to mull over settings and borders and before I knew it I had three other tops out and was off on a completely different tack and there were piles of fabric like this over every surface. It will take me hours to put it all away again, but I think I've decided on two or maybe three borders and a setting for the Duck Paddle blocks. Now I can start ironing and cutting....

And lest you think I'm drowning in a sea of brown, here is my Leader-Ender project these days. Lots of pastel squares and solid blue setting triangles.
 I'll probably make  a strippy quilt set with white or they might be a border for some pastel blocks; haven't decided yet. They're a nice antidote anyway.
(But I still love brown....just saying)


Kathie January 13, 2013  

love the blocks , its going to be a great quilt....
you have me wanting to make a brown quilt now.
to me brown says old fashion/antique...guess I need to go pull out some browns!

syglad January 13, 2013  

Lovely carpet in nice colors ..
Love it ..

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