Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've nearly finished four of my antique blocks, and it's much easier now that I've found my fabrics. It's hard when you get interrupted during a project, I can't quite manage to get the enthusiasm back for this. I've been looking for the blue fabric used in the lower left hand block, but I can't find it anywhere. I'm almost sure I used all of it so I think it will have to have different corners on it. I've wasted too much time already.(I can't seem to capture the right colours lately, the top photo is too drab and cold, and the other one is too yellow. Imagine something in between the two...)

At least it's getting done, but Keryn doesn't know how many blocks we're going to make, so I'll just keep on until told to stop. She's obsessing about the 'right' setting fabric, and a number of pieces have been bought and then rejected so it's becoming a bit annoying. My method of working is to put the blocks in a drawer for a few months ( or years!) and wait till I find the fabric I want. But Keryn really likes to Finish tops and she's getting a bit antsy. I think there may be a trip to Adelaide in the future to try and settle the matter.....

Pippi has extended her landscaping projects to Keryn's back yard. There were two piles of dirt down the back and Pips rearranged one to her liking, about a foot of it removed and spread about, and the main excavation begun in the middle. Dolly was supervising, she usually stands off to one side looking worried and saying "It wasn't me!!"

Pippi hasn't got the brainpower to pretend she didn't do it, and here she is on the second pile of dirt just softening it up, ready for the Big Dig. She's so happy and she's not doing any real harm, and who needs two piles of dirt anyway?


Kathie January 22, 2012  

OH I just love your blocks....hmm the right sashing fabric I agree a trip to Adelaide will be fun. Keep making those blocks this is a quilt I can't wait to see finished!!!! Pippi sure keeps things interesting doesn't she!

Karen January 23, 2012  

You are on a roll now since finding your selected fabrics. They ones you chose work very well in the block. I like how the lights and darks form their own design within the block.

*karendianne. January 23, 2012  

Yeah, who needs 2 piles of dirt anyway? That's her common sense for sure. I giggled. She's so darn CUTE! I just wanna kiss her. Those blocks are awesome. Absolutely awesome. I enjoyed reading about the effort here. It makes the process come alive (from this end). For what its worth - I'm one to stick it in a drawer, too but I sure need someone like Keryn to help me else nothing gets finished!!! *karendianne.

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