Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've been rearranging my workspace trying to get the best lighting and a little design wall area. I'll have to walk around the cutting table to get to the iron, but it's all exercise. I tend to sew a heap of seams and then iron them all at once, so it won't bother me to have to get up now and then. I've been cutting lots of pieces for different projects and I think the time has come to sit down and actually sew some together.

In this photo you can see how much taller Pippi is than Dolly now. She'll fill out too, so she's going to be a lot more substantial when she's fully grown.
This is the sight that greets us when we come home; two hysterical dogs dancing from foot to foot and yelping anxiously until we get through the gate.They look so funny- this isn't their best angle, that's for sure.
Dignity, they haz none...


sewprimitive karen June 12, 2011  

My, they do love you, don't they LOL!

Karen June 13, 2011  

I like the quilt blocks that are on your design wall. Well, I guess you would call it a design wall. A quilt in the making anyhow.

Amy June 13, 2011  

What a nice greeting! A cute sight for sure.

Jan June 13, 2011  

It's always great to be home when you have a dog, isn't it?!

Brenda June 13, 2011  

Can't beat a dog for making you feel loved.

Henrietta June 20, 2011  

Love the little white splotches on both sets of tummies. That gate would keep my JRT inside for about 7 seconds.

What are the stacks of blue boxes in the upper left of the first picture?

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