Monday, May 10, 2010

I set a new Personal Best last week and quilted 7 customer quilts. Two were queen size, one was King size, and the rest were lap to single bed size. I was buttered by Saturday morning, when I unpinned the last one, and slightly bilious. I deserved my weekend off, and today Keryn is working on a huge embroidery quilt, using the Statler side of the machine, so I'm doing other things. I have four of the customer quilts to sew bindings to, so it's it's not as if I can take it easy just yet.

This queen size quilt was made with gorgeous modern fabrics, and it was picked up too quickly for me to get an overall shot.

Another queensize quilt, made with large half-square triangles and some lovely large scale fabrics.

And this was a wedding quilt, with some beautiful embroidery in the centre.

I thought hearts were appropriate as a filler.
And feathers are always special, aren't they?


pdudgeon May 10, 2010  

those are all beautiful quilts! love the quilting designs on the wedding quilt...very nicely done!!!

julieQ May 11, 2010  

Wow, you must have worked morning until night, and worked your fingers to the bone!! Really love your quilting, wish you girls lived here instead of around the world from me.

Meggie May 23, 2010  

How bl**dy gorgeous is that Wedding Quilt! Your quilting is so right for it!!

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