Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keryn and I went to Adelaide this week and so there hasn't been as much achieved on the sewing front. I did manage to finish this donation top, a Chinese Coins that might be suitable for a boy. The strips were all made from 5"cut-offs from a fabric store, and the blue setting fabric is a backing fabric that we have a bolt of. These lengths were the left-overs from trimming another donation quilt, so it's a very frugal top.

It IS square but a breeze blew it askew and I couldn't be bothered taking another photo.
Lots of strange ugly fabric here, but it will keep someone warm.

And here is Matthew's art photo....."Tomato With Pup"......


sewprimitive karen May 17, 2009  

LOVE Mathew's art photos. You have so much talent in your family. The coin quilt looks wonderful!!!

pdudgeon May 17, 2009  

Chinese coins is another quilt on my 'someday' list! That pup looks so sweet.

meggie May 24, 2009  

I love Matthew's art!!
I rather like the strange 'uglies' It will never be a boring quilt!

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