Sunday, September 07, 2008

The customer quilts are coming off the machine at a good pace but there are always more on the shelves waiting, which is good. This is one of the latest ones, and was a pleasure to work on. The material was absolutely gorgeous, and it was pieced perfectly too, which meant there were no problems at all as we quilted. Keryn kept threatening to kidnap the finished product, it was so pretty.

Roses and more roses.....
The customer chose a panto of Keryn's called Damask Rose and it was meant for this quilt, it finished it off beautifully.
What a pity I didn't straighten out the bottom of it, where it was caught on the step stool; I assure you it was perfectly flat and straight. I don't know who it was destined for, but anyone would be glad to own this one.I've been sewing some blocks I had kitted up ages ago. I used some reproductions a friend had given me and they were very precious at the time. I kept putting off sewing these, because I liked the idea of having them all cut out ready and waiting, and if I finished them then I wouldn't have my 'kit' any more. Finally last week I gave myself a 'Listen, you idiot..." speech, in which I pointed out that if I finished all of these then I would have permission to cut out a whole heap of different blocks for a new kit-duh!

I made 18 of them and they'll be set on point eventually. I haven't decided what my new 'kit' will be, too many ideas to choose from, but I'll have fun looking through my pictures of old quilts in the meantime.
Spring has sprung and Keryn wandered around outside taking some photos today. I don't know what this pink flower is, some sort of bulb. The flowers last for weeks and I love the delicate colours.


sewprimitive karen September 07, 2008  

oh your quilting is so perfect for that quilt!

Diane September 08, 2008  

What an extraordinary flower. The rose quilt is exceptional too, especially after your quilting.

On a Whimsey September 08, 2008  

The rose quilt is a beauty!!! I just fell in love with it.

pdudgeon September 09, 2008  

what a beautiful quilt that is. the quilting is supurb as always.
Great Job!!!

JJ September 09, 2008  

I love reading your blog and have a real affinity for your quilting style. The rose quilt is spectacular too. I check your blog every day and love all the antique style quilts you've made.
Thought I'd better stop lurking and write.
Hugs JJ (Aussie)

Helen in the UK September 13, 2008  

LOVE your 'kit' quilt - great blog and lovely fabrics. The quilting on the customer's rose quilt is wonderful :)

meggie September 13, 2008  

I love those flowers too, whatever they are!
Love rose quilting on the roses.

Edna,  September 19, 2008  

I just recently found your blog and have spent several days going back through all the archives. What wonderful quilts and tutorials there are!! It would be very wonderful if you would have a link in your sidebar to the various tutorials so people like me can find them again in the future. I absolutely love the look of antique quilts and scrap quilts. You have inspired me to get back to doing more traditional quilts.

Lynda (Granny K) September 21, 2008  

Your latest Singer is identical to my mum's machine she used back in the 1960's.
I've got an old 'New Home' I had in 1971 for my birthday. I don't use it now, but it lives in the wardrobe with my Janome! I mostly sew by hand - I must be a bit odd!!

Down Comforter October 07, 2008  

i was just going through all the blogs and therre i found your
the best so far on this site
good luck

Evisu Jeans February 13, 2009  

Keep it up...
I Admit that the post is truly amazing"

Free Cycling Website April 14, 2009  

I really love her work! Such great use of color! May 01, 2009  

These are amazing I love every single one of them!!!!

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