Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aww, I'm a sucker for vintage kitchenware, especially if it's green. And it's doubly attractive if I can come up with a use for it too. This says 'Cake Box' on the lid, but some of my stars can live in there for now.

Andrea wanted to know the measuements of the Feathered Star. I made my triangles 1" finished, so that the final block is only 8 1/2" square. I'm not sure you couldn't enlarge the triangles to 1 1/2", and the final measurement would be around 13 1/2", not too big for a block. There were lots of tiny triangles in this quilt!
To make things easier Keryn and I used a triangle template she designed, and it really did speed things up. She sells it here, on her website, and I think they're brilliant for making heaps of little triangles squares in next to no time.
It's much easier sewing them on paper rather than risk distorting such tiny pieces.

You need lots and LOTS of them!

I might look up the rest of the measurements and do a proper post on the block construction, if you're interested, but I'm too tired now. I'm off to sew up my tea cosy and knit my pink sock.


keryn August 09, 2007  

In my quest to clean up my containers I came upon the leftover half-square triangles from that antique copy. I guess I'd better use them up seeing I went to all the trouble of making them. Any ideas?

I think it's gorgeoud how those stars fit in the cake tin so perfectly, they were made for each other.

Connie W August 10, 2007  

Mereth: My day isn't complete until I read your blog and Keryn's blog. They just make my day. I, too, love vintage boxes, although not just kitchenware. I love the little satin hanky and glove boxes - don't know if they were used in Australia or just here in the States. They're from the 1920's to the 1950's, I think. In my sewing room, they hold zippers, buttons, left-over bias binding, small blocks, etc. And they come in the most yummy colors. There's a pic in my webshots under "Sewing Room". The boxes are in the "re-purposed gun cabinet".

Connie on Stashbusters

Connie W August 10, 2007  

Uh-oh! Forgot to give you the webshots address:

meggie August 10, 2007  

I love these little peeks into your life! I would like to be your nosy neighbour, & come in for sneak peeks!
Lovely 'cake' container!

Andrea August 12, 2007  

Hi Mereth - thanks for the info. I think I may have a go at making the block in the bigger size. I too have a container fetish. I can always find a use for yet another one !

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